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The EGGER Decorative Collection 2024 provides design opportunities to bring your ideas to life. Curated by decor management UK and Ireland, EGGER’s new Decor Combination Guide will assist you when creating new concepts in furniture and interior design.

All of the decors listed are available immediately from UK stock in matching board, laminate and edging.

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Light Woods

Create a relaxed, natural and cool finish with light woods. Combine with natural textiles or calm uni colours, in beige or grey tones, to re-create an on-trend Scandinavian look. Or make a statement with light blue or soft black accents.

Mid-tone Woods

Bright, warm and fresh, mid tone woods are a classic. Grey and beige tones are prominent in the woodgrain, making them a natural choice when looking at decor combinations. Choose from warm and cool uni colours or materials for a refreshing finish.

Dark Woods

Dark Woods have a natural elegance that creates impact. For a twist try contrasting light, cool uni colours and materials alongside dark brown or black woods. Alternatively combine warm grey uni colours and materials for a more traditional choice.

Grey-tone Woods

Grey continues to be popular, with an extensive range of grey tone woods now available. As expected, they coordinate well with grey uni colours, but a different look can be achieved by choosing warm or cool tones.


Re-create a material finish with slates concretes, marbles or linens. Try with coordinating uni-colours, contrasting materials or bold woodgrains for a striking finish.

Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.

Texture Meets Colour

Texture Meets Colour range puts you in control. Mix and match four woodgrain textures with 14 uni colours to create a cost effective painted timber finish.


PerfectSense® is a range of ultra-gloss and matt surfaces. Available in 24 decors across uni colour and material finishes, the range provides a high value look for less.

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The new EGGER Decorative Collection 2024 will keep you up-to-date by offering new opportunities with a refreshed range of digital services.


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